Sharing what we Love, sharing who we Are

Ben Pavlidis

Rapstatic DJ

Ben is the frontman of the Berlin band OHRBOOTEN, a smashingly popular German band. Not only is Ben a master of beats and composition, but he also writes, composes and raps with great soul in activity and deep spirit. You may be suprised to find yourself rap away with him, as he has a knack to help others let also their words flow like a river. Always fresh and new, Ben’s open-minded nature has a way to take you in and experience rap and rhyme like you could never imagine before.


Rhythm and rhyme are the roots of  spirit of freedom. Through improv and free flow, you will be mesmerised with your own unknown landscapes of poetry, sound and percussion.

Anjelika Doniy

Clarity & Movement

Anjelika may easily be called Russia’s most beloved contact teacher. Although for years she used to work as a professional choreographer, since discovering CI, she has turned her interest to de-educate the forms held in the body and has a special interest to study the way of movement in relation to the laws of nature. Ever fresh and sparkling in her approach, her investigation remains an ever unfolding journey of discovery and wonder for her. In this way she is able to bring across, through the practice of Contact Improvisation, a way to play and release in a fun and easy exploration.

Leonardo Lambruschini

Archetype Play

Leonardo, a theatre and dance performer, is co-founder and Artistic Director at Spazio Seme (, an international cultural and arts center in Arezzo (Tuscany) that organizes and hosts courses and workshops, shows, concerts and exhibitions. Since 2008, he is collaborating with the Accademia dell’Arte of Arezzo (European Theatre, Vocal Art, and Dance), and is one of the organizers of the international “ItalyContactFest” ( Mixing Contact Improvisation, Theatre and Art, Leonardo leads experimental workshops  in Italy and abroad. 


Pascal de Lacaze

Ecstatic DJ & Body Bhajan

Pascal is a percussionist and organizes Ecstatic Dances in Berlin where he is the resident DJ and creates live music dance journeys. He is known for his eclectic music selection. Pascal plays percussion with bands and artists since 25 years. With cajon, bongos, djembé, wave drum, small percussion and beat boxing.  Bringing together a fusion of eclectic tribal sounds, Pascal has designed the Body Bhajan, – a ritual to free the spirit and make the body move from the very beat of our heart.


Yarun Dorrestein

Ecstatic DJ

The music Dj Yarun plays is rooted in many of the more interesting corners of this planet. A fusion of electronic music mixed with Shamanistic, Tribal and Oriental sounds. Subtle and compelling melodies, strong and earthy beats and Rhythms that makes your Body wants to dance and your mind expand. In the past several years Club Lite in Amsterdam has been his home base, leading Ecstatic Dance, Ecstatic Live, The Chocolate Club, Tantric Dance and lately also joining Kareem Raïhani’s Shine in Groningen and Ibiza and The renowned barefoot celebration the NATARAJ Freedom Gathering in The Netherlands.

Safi Jones

Ecstatic Witch

An experienced coach, counselor, consultant and mediator. She is a researcher and finds ever new miracles in her unusual human encounters. Loving all exploration – she travels continuously into people, places and herself, finding out who and what lives where.

Having had a hand in coaching leaders of various projects in a variety of settings, Safira’s strenght moves like a continuous light, steadily present helping to guide ships to shore.  Initiator of Ecstatic Field Goa.

Joy Tyson

Voice Love

Joy is perhaps best described as a traveling troubadour, exploring the world and sharing the gift of song and rhythm to the places and people she meets. Joy is one of the founding members of the Afro Fusion band FARAFI and a current member of the gypsy rock band SHISHKO DISCO.  Her first teacher was Djensu Diallo who introduced her to the world of African music and the open hearted spirit that accompanies it. Taking these African roots, Joy continued on to study the traditional music’s from Brazil, Iran, India, Turkey and the greater Middle East.  Reflecting all influences in her work, Joy plays with an eclectic style of cultural fusion showing an unusual ability for improvisation. She is a sought-after teacher travelling between India, Russia, Germany and the USA.

Tom Goldhand

Dance Improv

Is a dancer, dance teacher and group facilitator, co-founder and facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam, owner and manager of Sadhana Dance School. Tom has been teaching and creating dance for over 12 years and is currently the leading teacher of Contact Dance in The Netherlands

“I see myself as an improviser, I dance to discover, uncover and recover. I explore movement with awareness and this is what I like to share, whether it is in dance improvisation, in the form of Contact Improvisation, going deep into authentic movement or high and above into ecstatic form of dancing”.

Zinn Da

Field Magician

From Cyber Wiz-Kid to Field Magician: ‘one day I realized that something was missing in my life. Perhaps the inner self had a strong conviction that humanity and diversity are missing and had made me not so complete a human being. I became involved with Osho International Meditation Resort and Osho Humaniversity, who provided me with the understanding that life itself is a golden opportunity to experience love, peace, knowledge and humanity.  Ever since I’ve been living on the Magic side of life ‘   NGO Founder and Organizer of Ecstatic Field Goa.

Christian Leip

Shamanic Facilitator

Christian is a body-psychotherapist, leader in family constellations, bonding therapy practitioner and facillitates Shamanic Trance-Dance in Northern Germany where he also holds regular men’s circles. He is a healer in the truest sense of the word, able to recognise people’s capacity and dedicated in helping people remember to live up to their full potential.

When Christian is not working, you find him either in silence or retreat.

Volker Eschmann

Intuitive Storyteller

Volker studied anthropology in J.W.Goethe University Frankfurt/Main with focus on rituals in traditional communities. He has gained a special insight and experience through Nago Koite, a Griot (traditional mythteller) from Senegal/Berlin in African shamanism, dance, music and storytelling.

Volker is a director of Goa Contact Festival as well as the In Touch Festivals International, co-founder of the Yoga & Dance Retreat “Ibiza Moving Arts” and an original member of Spacewalk. Initiator & Creator of Ecstatic Field Goa

Lia Pavlidis

Tribal Shake

With a wide focus on the emotional, physical and energetic body, Lia’s curiosity for movement and body language is endless. Her dance is soulful, blending street style with a deeply spiritual inner power, connecting mother earth and father sky with the tongue of an urban shaman. Lia teaches in Berlin, Arambol, Goa and on festivals around Europe. She mixes Rajasthani Gypsy Dance, Afro Carribean, Release Technique, Qigong, Contact Improvisation, Hip Hop, and other progressive urban styles.

Pierre Goumot


Masseur & ´Inner Garden Landscaper´. Pierre is besides bodyworker also a landscape architect.  ‘Massage is to me like an inner weeding. A ritual to reconnect with the friendly wilderness, to awake the unconscious body and to open again the channels to our natural surrounding which helps us naturally recharge.’  Combining elements of thai massage, oil, and reiki, he will melt you in peace with careful hands,  combining a variety of pressures and qualities of touch.

Zou Zou

Field Magician

Originally from the USA, Zou Zou studied Theatre Improv and Pantomime directly with The Colombioni Brothers and Keith Johnstone. He began creating his own shows performing in the USA, Mexico and Europe and evolved to become a director of circus theatre seeing  performances in the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, India and and Russia. Zou Zou is a master at improvisational theatre and taught at the Moscow State Circus School as well as theatre academies in Europe. He is the founder of Arambol Carnival and currently travels with his own show ‘Time is a Lady’



Bhāvnāth Zenāssāti

Mantra & Kirtan

Bhavnath is the founder of Mauritius’ Wellness Lovers Festival- Mauritius’ first festival for yoga, healing, meditation and dance where he emphasizes ancient wisdom through bringing modern techniques. An Osho lover, Bhavanath is a great source and well of inspiration. Joining us as a Mantra leader, he is able to bring across his joy and depth of being in a mesmerising way.

Ola Jas

Thai Yoga Massage

 Multi-talented, defined and highly spirited, Ola is master of the power of imagination. She has her own following as a teacher of yoga and acroyoga and Thai Yoga bodywork. She will offer Thai Yoga Massage during the festival for us, using the body as a medium to optimise your overall energy and helping you to reintegrate and remember an innate realisation of natural harmony.