Sharing what we Love, sharing who we Are


Inviting you to share your way of moving in Life. Each of us has the power and responsibility to heal ourselves, to be our own medicine man or woman. Dancing, singing, storytelling, art, theater and silence are the elements we work with to help awaken our innate powers of being, loving, knowing, seeing, and healing.


Authentic Movement

Movement becoming conscious- a process grounded in the relationship between a mover and a witness. Moving and dancing from inner impulses, finding pathways inside the body and relating to others from an inner guideline. Following the sensation of connecting to our bodies and moving from what is moving from within. Authentic Movement is a beautiful tool to connect to an inner moving impulse. It is a possibility to express feelings, images and information from the subconscious that come through our bodies.


Contact Improvisation

Contact improvisation is a communication in a non-verbal dialogue and offers a playful, self-defined way of connecting to other dancers. It offers a space for research as forms are not fixed and movements are not set. The form is based on a spirit of curiosity and discovery.

Its focus is on listening, learning and reaching, push and pull. To discover ways to act and react, learn to use eyes, arms and legs, spine and the center, body weight and body tone.  It means to listen with the whole body, thereby understanding oneself and each other from a non-verbal space.


Trance Dance

Shamanic Trance Dance is a ritual voyage to our inner self, threading an ancient, timeless path of natural and earth-bound spirituality. Through breathing, movements and rhythms we overcome constraints of our daily existence and become able to have an experience beyond time and space. We are able to reach deep insights into the very nature of our being and realize unknown potentials as answers to questions may appear spontaneously and blockages disappear.

Trance dancing means going on a journey to yourself, inviting the presence of ‘spirit’ in you and experiencing ecstasy and delight in the face of your own passion and vitality.


Tribal Shake

African dance utilizes the concept of polyrhythm as well as total body articulation to express the life of the community and collective creativity. Tribal Shake invites a journey to travel along path ways of movements that live since ancient time in our cell memory. Using rhythm and earthy, flowy movements connecting to our inner self, we will explore the variety of the feminine and the masculine essence in its natural intuitive presence.



Bodywork teaches us about inner alignment and touch qualities, it is a wonderful way to let our nervous system integrate our experiences.

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