Intuition, Inspiration, Improvisation

The day opens in a space of silence and (facilitated) self-practice, after which Kirtan helps to unify, celebrate and channel our energies together.  Morning sessions are led by highly skilled and experienced facilitators offering explorations in movement like  Tribal Shake, Dance Improv, Contact Improvisation, Bodywork and Authentic Movement.

After a delicious lunch in the Forgotten Land, we enter our sharing in small groups before the space opens itself for workshops ranging from shamanic journeying, archetype play, intuitive storytelling, and perspective shift exercises, designed to deepen our connection to inner wisdom, magic, curiosity and improvisation. Dinner we enjoy together before the Evening Happenings begin.


Happenings invite a situation wherein performance art, multi-disciplinary arts, improv and elements of ritual come together as a expression of life, where nobody is audience and everybody is an artist, thereby creating the Happening together.


Fire Puja /Blessing Ritual

Zinn Da, our hosting Magician, will open the field with a blessing Hindu Ritual connecting us to the ancient roots of the Indian culture and the ground we are walking on. Our Fire Puja will be performed with special ingredients helping to remove obstacles through purification and working from the intention to repair broken pledges and promises.

Ecstatic Kirtan 

Interweaving Kirtan into Ecstatic Dance, we create a movement ceremony wherein the prayer of song into movement leads us deeper into dance. The experience of unity, allows us to channel energy together.

Sufi Live Wave

Live-Sufi musicians facilitate an experience of the mystical, by way of leading from the space of silence into sound, invitating an entrance into the mystery of life and access the divine inside.

Body Bhajan

Using the human voice to come together in response to the beating of the drum we start to be part of a collective rhythm that connect us to the collective beating of our hearts and makes us move as One.

Full Moon White Robe Night

A Full Moon in Cancer, we’ll gather dressed in white for a Ritual Fire-Trance Dance. Live Musicians, Live Storytelling, Live Improv and Theatre, all will culminate to lead us to our very own Burning Ghat;

Ecstatic Dance

A freeform conscious dance where movement expands, spirit activates, boundaries melt, creativity breaks out, beauty flows, ritual is reinvented and harmony resonates as world rhythms weave us together as individuals within a greater family.


“Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you.” - Osho