Love is the water of Live


Bodywork is also a wonderful way to let our nervous system integrate our experiences. Ola, Christian ad Pierre will provide you with a deeply nourishing experience.

Pierre Goumont

Masseur & “Inner Garden Landscaper”  During 1h30, Pierre will melt you in peace with careful hands  using oil & fragrance together with elements of reiki, using a combination of  different pressures and touch qualities. ‘Massage is to me like an inner weeding. A ritual to reconnect with the friendly wilderness, to awake the unconscious body and to open again the channels to our surrounding that helps us naturally recharge’.  You will feel the ray of light warming up frozen body parts as release happens.

Christian Leip

Christian is an experienced body-psychotherapist, healer, bonding therapy practitioner and leader in men’s circels and family constellations.

Offering healing massage, Christian works at times dynamic and powerful, then very fine, energetic and still.  Working intuitively, using refined massage-techniques, he will lead you into a space within where you find deep rest and reconnect with source.

Ola Jas

Ola is an explorer of movement and a teacher of both yoga and acroyoga. She offers Thai Yoga Massage- an ancient healing technique working on creating mobility in the joints, softening the muscles and balancing the energetic lines. Each session is a unique experience in flow of acupressure and manipulations helping you to restore your natural well being.