The Field


Combining the elements of play, dance and meditation, we investigate inner states of being to explore consciousness in movement.

Playing, whilst practicing a state of observation, we then gain a chance to enter consciously into expanded states of mind. Forgetting ourselves in the play allows self-remembering to happen.

The practice of this entrance into another state we call Ecstatic Consciousness.

To help release into the state of Ecstatic Consciousness, we actively engage into the moment-to-moment experience. Improvisational disciplines and playing with speech, song, movement, and action help us enter.

It is through the practice of ‘unlearning’ and ‘undoing’ rather than ‘doing’ or ‘learning’, that we become able to tap into an entire new level of inter-active experience and awareness, and see that experiences of healing, joy and ecstasy become a natural given when there is a space to explore and express our inner felt reality.

For moving in conscious presence, we meet the yogi in its origin, who works towards the realization of the essential oneness of one’s self and the world by way of meeting the immediacy of every moment.

We focusing therefore on undoing instead of doing, and reverse the road from destination to source. Travelling beyond form and practice, beyond goals and accomplishments and beyond concepts of right or wrong, worse or better, reaching or becoming, we gain a real opportunity to meet ourselves and others, returning to move from the origin in a continuous flow of meaningful experience.

Teachers become listening facilitators, working actively to create a conscious bridge between our inner-experience into authentic expression to explore the state of Ecstatic Consciousness. We have found that when you succeed in helping many people reach this state of Ecstatic Consciousness together at the same time, it creates a movement in which people inspire and ignite one another, the force of this creates a wave of consciousness that we call the Ecstatic Field.


 Falling out of ourselves to fall into our self, losing ourselves to find ourselves.

Falling- because the one I will become, will catch me.