Live, Love, Laugh, Connect – as One





Contact Improvisation with Anjelika

‘Contact Improvisation is beautiful way to play and communicate in a non-verbal dialogue connecting to other dancers. With its focus on listening, it offers the possibility to discover ways to use the eyes, arms and legs, spine and the center, as well as body weight and body tone to act and react. In its essence, CI offers a space for research as forms are not fixed and movements are not set, and in this way it invites playfullnes in a spirit of curiosity and discovery. Learning at the same time to listen with the whole body, this form of dance is unique in that it brings an understanding oneself and each other from a non-verbal space.’

Archetype Play with Leonardo

‘I will return you to the founding principles of Contact Improvisation to practice our mental and physical agility by way of entering unusual situations. Introducing elements theatre and the wearing of masks, and through the embodiment of different characters we will create a variety of situations which bring us a sense of disorientation that we will use to investigate new possibilities for movement and encounter in our dance.’

Trance Dance with Christian

‘Trance dance means going on a journey to yourself, inviting the presence of spirit as we thread an ancient, timeless path of natural and earth-bound spirituality and ritual voyage to our inner self. The practice of Trance dance is typically used to reach insights into the nature of our being and realize an experience beyond time and space. Using breath, movement and rhythm the dance offers us hereby the possibility to enter into another dimension wherein unknown potentials as answers to questions may appear spontaneously.’

Vocal Playground with Joy

‘Singing and dancing have been an integral part of humans history clear across the world. Touching the ancient and the knowing that’s within, we support one another on a journey through movement, vocal expression, improvisation and song as we play with elements of trance and reclaim communal union.’

Dance Improvisation with Tom

‘I see myself as an improviser, I dance to discover, uncover and recover. I explore movement with awareness and this is what I like to share, whether it is in dance improvisation, in the form of Contact Improvisation, going deep into authentic movement or high and above into ecstatic form of dancing.’

Tribal Shake with Lia

‘African dance utilizes the concept of polyrhythm as well as total body articulation to express the life of the community and collective creativity. I offer Tribal Shake as a journey to travel along path ways of movements that live since ancient time in our cell memory. I offer a unique class that uses rhythm and earthy, flowy movements to connect to our inner self, exploring a variety of the feminine and the masculine essence in its natural intuitive presence and experience the power of a tribe.’

Visual Storytelling with Zou Zou

Joy Inside and Out

‘Inner joy can, with the aid of various creative and theatrical techniques, be guided to create different kinds of outer expressions as a way to communicate our journey through life. Telling stories together using our entire bodies, we’ll explore and expand our ability to express and give a visual voice to our inner rapture.’


Gene Keys with Joost

‘The Gene Keys provide a map and compass to journey deeper into our core
essence. They are founded upon the premise that your higher purpose exists as a code embedded within your physical DNA. The role of the Gene Keys is to unlock and activate that code and catalyse the release of your full creative genius into the world. Joost will guide a movement inquiry working with your own unique Hologenetic Profile exploring Life as a Dance of Living Art.’

Improv Theater with Zou Zou

‘Lets get up in the air and build a plane together” Playing improvisational games help us to listen to our inner voice. Through collaboration and using words and movement, you’ll practice saying “Yes” to the constant arrival of the unknown- creating scenes, experience mindfulness and tap into our innate playfulness and creativity.’


Rapstatic with Ben

‘A frame to explore the versatility of language in motion through the rythm of speech. Ben uses exercises in wordsurfing, rhyme and  intuitive storytelling to jump in a state of mind where we let go and find ourselves float in a space of true nonsense. Surfing on the magic of that moment a free-flow poetry in language begins to appear.’

Authentic Movement with Anjelika

‘Authentic Movement is a process grounded in the relationship between a mover and a witness wherein it is practiced to move and dance from inner impulses, finding pathways inside the body and relating to others from an inner guideline. Following the sensation of connecting from the body and moving from what is moving from within, authenthic movement is sometimes called the ‘mother of all dance’ as it connects us to move direct from an inner moving impulse. It can be practiced as a form itself but is also often used to express images, feelings and information that move from the subconscious through our bodies.’

Body Bhajan with Pascal

‘Using the human voice to come together in response to the beating of the drum is an opportunity to give one another a sense of belonging and of solidarity, a time to connect with each other and be part of a collective rhythm. We will create heat through movement, bringing up blocks to be released.  Heat purifies, and releases the old to make way for the new.’

Constellation Work  with Christian

‘Working in groups, we’ll use our natural human ability to receive information as channels for each other, following and expressing body-sensations and emotions while accessing the so-called Knowing Field. Bringing insight into forgotten commitments and motivations, Systemic Constellations reveals and releases old stories in order that movement can continue. This way, we find our way back to a natural ‚order of love’, with greater self-determination, and an improved ease in relations with others. ‘


Consciously embodying one’s truth in the presence of others can create an experience of wholeness, belonging and completion. The language that naturally surfaces from conscious embodiment names this love. Presence becomes this love.” Janet Adler